(Alleged) Rogue Employee of the Week – The Matter of the $300 Lap Dance

Posted: December 7, 2011 in Hiring and Firing, Rogue Employees

I’ve been thinking about giving notable examples of rogue employees from the popular press. So why not start with this one. Boston.com reported today that a stripper at the Glass Slipper in Boston may have caused some problems for her employer by not following a city ordinance that prevents physical contact between dancers and customers. The article is here:

Apparently, a $300 tip was enough of an inducement to ignore the city ordinance and, presumably, the club’s own rules. The employer could face fines or a suspension of its license. The takeaway here is that your employees are your agents. When they commit wrongdoings while performing their job duties, your company could be exposed (no pun intended) to government sanctions or civil liability. While you can never completely control your employees, make sure that they know the rules and laws of your industry and make sure that they are following them. If not, consider whether employing the rogue employee is worth the risk.

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