Peer Pressure between Office Employees; Damned if You Do

Posted: June 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

Guest Post by Eve Pearce

It is no secret that the modern day office is a fast-paced and often stressful place to be. The world never sleeps, we often work in 24-hour operations, and vacations seem few and far between. Men and women work together, often in direct competition, trying to prove themselves and their worth so that they can feel secure in their jobs. Sometimes they fall into easy friendships, and sometimes even a little more than that. Office romances are commonly reported around the world, but can they sometimes be detrimental to your business? Perhaps it is worth considering putting a policy in place that protects your business, should any of your employees become romantically involved. If you don’t, there is a high possibility that your staff members might begin to report sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior  as tempers rise and colleagues become irate with the behavior of those around them.

Office Politics Leading to Addiction Problems

Aside from office romances, there are lots of other stress factors that can lead people into dangerous territory. The news media is beginning to report more cases of employees succumbing to alcohol and drug addiction, often as a coping mechanism when the stress of their job becomes too much. This problem is widespread around the US and beyond, but fortunately there are lots of places and organisations where people can receive treatment, counselling and support to move on from their addictions and return their chaotic lives to some semblance of normality. One such area that is offering addiction treatment is in Florida. There are lots of Florida treatment centers offering services for rehabilitation, ranging from alcohol abuse to drug addiction, and even to more diverse and obscure addictions related to stress. You can find the right center for you personally, and decide whether to take part in a residential program, or something more casual.

Stress in the Workplace

Stress in the workplace has been downplayed for many years, and most employees are loath to admit when they are struggling with their workload. Some fear for the security of their jobs, while others simply worry that they will be seen as weak minded and might be ridiculed by their peers. The stress creeps in slowly at first. You might find yourself working late into the evening, often without realizing  as you frantically try to finish the tasks assigned for that day. You might find yourself bombarded with issues and problems in a short space of time, and as quickly as you resolve one, another two or three take its place. Your colleagues might appear to be dealing with the same sort of problems, so you don’t want to burden them further by asking for help. Or you feel that you have to complete the tasks and resolve the issues by yourself, or risk being held to account by your managers and supervisors.

It is events like these that can often lead people down the route towards addiction. Traditionally addiction is associated with drugs and alcohol, but during recent years there has been more information emerging about different addictions. Office employees in particular seem more susceptible to various addictive behaviors and hobbies, including shopping, gambling, and even pornography. These are things that can be kept hidden for many years, and only emerge when the addiction becomes too much for the individual to deal with. An obsessive shopper or gambler is likely to run up massive personal debts, sometimes risking the security of their home and vehicle in the process. Someone addicted to pornography risks either becoming a social recluse, or possibly worse if their peers discover their hidden activities. Any of these addictions can lead to problems in the workplace, as well as being brought about by such problems.

Business Owners Take Responsibility

Ultimately it is important for the business owner and management team to remain aware of the dangers of addiction. They have to remember to show support for their employees, and be willing to offer assistance for any who appear to be struggling or who take a lot of time off sick. There is usually a genuine reason for the poor performance of an employee, or even for a perceived attitude problem, and so it is more constructive for the management team to work through such issues with the individual, and find a way to resolve them, rather than simply dismissing the employee and moving on to the next. A business will operate far more productively when it is maintained by a happy, integrated and supported team of employees. 

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