You’re Damned If You Don’t Do Customer Service

Posted: August 15, 2013 in Uncategorized
Guest Post by Eve Pearce


The customer is always right. This sentence has become a motto for businesses small and large all over the world. However, it seems that not all companies believe in this simple statement any more. In fact, the large companies seem to be falling into the ego trap. They are too big to fail. They have enough customers, and therefore can afford to be unpleasant to the small minority who dare query an issue or problem with the service they receive. It is commonplace now for people to complain about time spent on the phone waiting for an answer from a generic, anonymous call center, only to be fobbed off and sent on their way. That is not customer service. That is customer disservice. The examples are many and varied, but we all have memories of poor treatment received from large companies.


Remember Your Internal Customers

It isn’t all about the commercial customer, however. When you run a business, your customers are represented by many different people. Don’t forget your internal customers. These are your employees, your colleagues, the people who work on casual contracts to complete smaller jobs less frequently. The internal customer is just as important as the one who pays for your service or products. Think about it. Without people to do the work for you, things would not get done. You would flounder around, struggling to do several hundred jobs at once, and you would fail miserably in your business venture. You need people that will work for you, with professionalism and willingness to help out when they are needed. It takes more than just financial incentive to keep these people happy. But it also doesn’t take much more effort to show some appreciation. You could try offering corporate gifts to your customers, and you can find a wonderful selection at websites including Here you can purchase items that are personalized for the people you wish to reward, and you can find some excellent value offers to keep your costs low.


Give Them Something Pretty

People love to receive gifts. It doesn’t matter what they are. As a customer of other companies large and small, think about the last time you received a free item. How did it make you feel? What was it? You probably received a meager pen emblazoned with the company details of the business you were buying from. It didn’t matter. They gave you something for free, and that was fantastic! Yes, you are aware that these pens are not limited items, and that they are probably sent out in their thousands to all the other small-fry customers like yourself. But that’s not important. The company made an effort to show that they care. They gave you a small token of their appreciation for you, the individual, and they also cleverly ensured that you would not forget about them any time soon. Your pen will be very useful on a daily basis, and you will see their logo every time you pick it up.


Small Beginnings Lead to Big Business

Of course, it takes a little more than material items to keep people happy. But offering free gifts to your customers and employees certainly goes a long way towards keeping their attention focused on your business as opposed to someone else. We are a magpie nation. We like pretty items, we enjoy tactile products, and things that we can collect and admire. It is human nature to appreciate things that we create, and you can bring this simple psychology into your business plan. Perhaps you could keep a selection of gifts specifically for your customers. You could mix it up a little, and send out pens, pencils, notepads, mugs, or even larger items depending on the importance of the individual customer to yourself and your business. Let’s face it, we are here for the money. The more they pay, the more you appreciate them. So reflect that in the gift that you offer. But don’t forget your smaller, less well known customers. They could become very important to you one day, and you do not want to lose them to your competitors. Be nice, be generous, and remember, treat people in the same way that you wish to be treated. Kindness, understanding, and appreciation will go a long way when building good business relationships.

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